Episode 26: Accountability, Limitations and Body Work, oh my

Merry meet and welcome to episode 26! We're a quarter of a dollar old. Wowsers.

In a nutshell, I talk about:

Accountability, and refer to a couple of iPhone apps: My Fitness Pal and Cash Trails.

Then a wee music interlude with Tiller's Folly's Twenty-Three Camels and a promo from The Magick Jukebox.

The main segment was from the "Guess the song, name the topic" contest from many episodes ago that was won by Tyson. So, with his suggestions in hand, I ramble on (or discuss eruditely, you choose) on self-imposed limitations.

We learn that this episode is brought to us by the Nine of Wands (I think, oops! put the card back before I typed this up lol) and the rune Othela.

And we end with a Body Divine segment on working with emotions via movement and then taking that a step further and using the same methodology to work with dreams.

The final song of the show is Kali-Ma by Kelliana.

Hope you enjoy!


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