Episode 26: Accountability, Limitations and Body Work, oh my

Merry meet and welcome to episode 26! We're a quarter of a dollar old. Wowsers.

In a nutshell, I talk about:

Accountability, and refer to a couple of iPhone apps: My Fitness Pal and Cash Trails.

Then a wee music interlude with Tiller's Folly's Twenty-Three Camels and a promo from The Magick Jukebox.

The main segment was from the "Guess the song, name the topic" contest from many episodes ago that was won by Tyson. So, with his suggestions in hand, I ramble on (or discuss eruditely, you choose) on self-imposed limitations.

We learn that this episode is brought to us by the Nine of Wands (I think, oops! put the card back before I typed this up lol) and the rune Othela.

And we end with a Body Divine segment on working with emotions via movement and then taking that a step further and using the same methodology to work with dreams.

The final song of the show is Kali-Ma by Kelliana.

Hope you enjoy!



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  • moiraeknittoo

    I’m only about 20 min in, and while I usually adore your eps, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed that you’ve equated thinner or “less weight” with good. You might not have meant to have it come across as fat shaming, but imho, it did. Which makes me sad, because having that message come across in a medium that I usually use to celebrate vs. shame is hurtful.

    Aug 11, 2011 at 11:23 am
  • penniesinthewell

    You know, after I posted it I wondered if there might be people who would have a negative reaction to my weight sharing experience. And I started planning a ‘let’s talk about that nasty thing that messes so many people up: weight perception’ episode.

    I truly regret that it came across that way to you, and anyone else who is bothered by it. While I’ll go into my views on weight in that upcoming episode (and may make it sooner rather than later, we’ll see), I’ll say here that I consider weight a VERY personal issue. I was sharing something that I’m changing about myself because it makes me feel better to lose weight (and my doctor says it’s good for my back and because my weight is tied up in emotional issues and because I just feel better when I weigh less which is the best reason to make the change). In no way shape, form or size was it intended to suggest thin is good (which it isn’t, it’s all about your personal healthy weight, not some stupid societal ideal).

    I do have body issues and have spent a lot of time dwelling on them. If you want to see some of that in action, I posted about it on my blog (with a lot of focus on that ‘thin’ perception): http://abysmalwitch.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/using-spirit-to-understand-body-part-1/

    I really feel for people who have moments like this, when you’re engaged in something you normally enjoy and an item in it triggers a hurt reaction. Because I’ve een there, been stabbed by that. I hope what I’ve said here may take some of that edge off.

    Aug 11, 2011 at 5:18 pm
  • tyson

    Thank you Saturn for doing this episode, particularly referencing the main segment. In addition to the psychological window view into my ego, you discussed the topic admirably. My intent was to get your view on these subjects, so a brief comparison of them to my own view was apt, and i’m glad to have heard your take on them. As for the fourth part of the topic outline suggestion: it was rather intended hopefully that it would continue on from the third part (discussing the inner truths we attain through the work) and get you to perhaps portray how through devotional work and the building of our self-confidence (yes, in conjunction) might aid us in breaking through some of these self-imposed limitations.

    While I can attest for the clarity arrived at through magickal and mystical work, I consider you to be an infinitely better authority on the topic of faith and devotion than mySelf.

    But thankyou, I am well satisfied, and glad you had that contest. Keep up the inspiring work,


    Aug 20, 2011 at 7:34 pm