Abysmal Witch (3) - Past Connections

Merry meet and welcome to the 3rd abysmal witch episode. This is something of a tribute to Canada's Remembrance Day celebrations as well as introducing a new segment to the Abysmal Witch land: Abysmal Musings. As in thoughts and ideas I'm having, not all nice and organized(ish) and worked through over long periods of time but things that are just going through my head based upon the current topic.

Which in this case is past connections: personal life connections, anscestors, and country history.

I'm pleased to play a song by Tiller's Folly entitled Robbie McBeath, a hero from WWI. I also read In Flanders Fields in honour of Remembrance Day (that's a Canadian national holiday on November 11th if you don't happen to know).

And the episode concludes with a ritual to help me release negative emotions I have about a friendship that ended now years ago but where the unpleasant memories still linger.

I hope you enjoy ~The Abysmal Witch

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