Episode 11: Beauty

Merry meet and welcome to one and all!

Yes, episode 11 is finally out! Thanks to all of your for downloading the show. And don't forget to email me with your experience of the divine for your chance to win a signed copy of Mythcreants by Tricky Pixie.

In the opening segment I read Chapter 11 of Crowley's Book of Lies [**NOTE**: In the episode I refer to it as the Book of the Law - that was a mistake brought on by daylight and my own foolish brain-to-mouth connection problem, it isn't book of the law, it's the book of lies!] and let you in on the secret topic of the week: Beauty in the context of a wiccan virtue as suggested by Doreen Valiente's Charge of the Goddess.

After a discussion on the joys of vacationing, we take a brief break and listen to Beauty of the Earth and Let My Eye Go to the Sun by Parnassus, the band later to be known as Chalice and Blade followed by a promo of The Wigglian Way.

Then it's all about beauty. I read The Chance to Love Everything by Mary Oliver from her book Dream Work. I also mention Etsy and Regretsy.

Take a small break and pull the 4 of cups and the rune Mannaz for Episode 11 and then play a promo for The Infinite and the Beyond.

I finish with a brief discussion on ugliness and then close out with I Hear You Calling by Chalice and Blade.

I hope you enjoy. Blessings of the deep and wild to you all,



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