Episode 13: Yoga

Merry meet and welcome to Episode 13 of Pennies in the Well! Thanks for downloading, I hope you enjoy. :)

Aside from a love of ridiculously long words this episode, in the intro I remind you of the current contest to win a Tricky Pixie cd of Mythcreants signed by SJ Tucker & Betsy Tinny. Just email me at penniesinthewell@gmail.com (there's a lovely button the website that will take you straight to that) and tell me in 3 words or 30 how you experience in the divine. The draw will be at the end of August.

Also, Inanna of Misanthrope Press let me know of a pagan fiction anthology they will be putting out in spring of 2011. Submissions are open from Sep 1 of this year until Oct 31st. See their website for details.

Then we get into the yoga. With me in this episode is Tyson (you may remember him from episodes 3, 4 and 5 on the Book of the Law) of Media Astra Ac Terra and a bumper from Fire Lyte at Inciting a Riot.

This episode ends with a Divine Body segment where we take a quick look at the root chakra and I read a brief piece from The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan.

Thank you for taking the time to listen. Blessings of the deep and wild to you.


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