Episode 14: Dreams

Merry meet and welcome to episode 14! Thank you for downloading the show, I hope you enjoy.

Today's announcements: Contest still open, get in those entries by Aug 20! Moment of silence for Isaac Bonewits and you can read some eulogies on: ADF website, the Wild Hunt and on Llewellyn. Reminder to get in those fiction submissions to Misanthrope Press for their pagan fiction anthology Etched Things.

We had new segments: The Big P, talking about the perspective of podcast listener compared to podcaster. Magical Housekeeping on Spell Disposal. Good Talk/Bad Talk on passive agressive communication.

Music was: Lullaby and Egi Taltos from the album Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold by The Moon and the Night Spirit and Lullaby by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Played promos: New World Witchery and Spiritscast.

And the main segment of the show was on dreams, inspired by Cory at New World Witchery. Pages referenced included the Body Soul Writing workshop by Marlene Schiwy and the online store Forest Grove Botanica.

This episode was brought to us by the Knight of Swords and the rune Kenaz.

I hope you enjoy!


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