Episode 16: Experiencing the Divine

Merry meet one and all! Finally this episode is out.

We start with a few thank you's, to Holly and to Onyx, reminder of the pagan anthology with Misanthrope Press that is taking submissions until October 31st. I share a bit of my recent learning experiences from Lady GaGa to knee braces.

The first break is S J Tucker's Pixie Can't Sleep.

Then it was straight into sharing all of the emails on how you experience the divine and a little bit on how I do, right after a digression into the Big P.

In the second break we learn that this episode is brought to us by the three of swords and the runes eihwar and nied. We also hear promos from New World Witchery and Borealis Meditation Podcast.

We conclude with magical housekeeping about purging stuff from our homes and the final song is from the Tricky Pixie cd. Oh, yes, we did have a winner! Polly is the lucky owner of the signed copy of Tricky Pixie.

Thank you for listening! I love sharing this experience with you.

Saturn, the abysmal witch.

(yes, you can find me at Abysmal Witch blog or on twitter by searching for Abysmal_Witch, neither of which I mention in the podcast, go figure.)

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