Episode 17: Being Suicidal

Merry meet and welcome to Episode 17! I'm hungover but couldn't resist recording for you, so hopefully it comes out well.

After a brief intro story-sharing about my weekend, including a trip to church for Compline, there's a break where I play Barenaked Ladies' War on Drugs. This is the intro to the first of a three part series on suicide.

In this episode I talk about being suicidal, including my own past experiences, some stats and some personal tips on how I handled it. NOTE: I am NOT a health care professional. This is my own experience.

Then we learn that this episode is brought to us by the Page of Shields and the rune stone Kenaz and hear a promo from The Infinite and the Beyond

We finish out with a Good Talk/Bad Talk segment, a Body Divine segment (which is intro'd by The Witch Dream by Brandon Moore from Music Alley) and a surprise final segment.

The last song of the night is also from Barenaked Ladies called Call and Answer.

Remember, look after yourself! Suicide isn't the easiest of topics, so if this episode disturbs you, please take care of yourself.

Blessings of the deep and wild to you,


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