Episode 22: Transformative Mysteries

Hi all!

Yes, after much time I am back! It's a bit of a rocky return, so please bear with me :) (or is that bare?)

In the opening I talk about my current circumstances, a bit of a review of my original and ongoing intention for the show and a few things I've learned in recent times.

During the break we listen to Going Huntin' and Jesus Brother Bob by Arrogant Worms. We also finish the show with their song Last Saskatchewan Pirate.

For the main segment I discuss transformative mysteries (which to my joy includes MEAD! lol) and then the second break we learn that this episode is brought to us by the tarot card The Moon and the rune Ingwar. We also hear from Arial at Appalachian Witch Doctor Tales.

We conclude with learning that Robin is the winner of the Faeries Guide to Green Magick from the Garden and by hearing what different people find most magical in nature. Thank you to everyone who emailed me!

And in closing some quick reminders: Misanthrope Press has extended the deadline for submitting short stories for their Etched Offerings pagan anthology to April 30, 2011; and Peter Dybing of Covenant of the Goddess has set up a donation site for pagans to contribute to Doctors Without Borders to support relief efforts in Japan.

And that should be it. But with a brain like swiss cheese these days (still recovering!), such is life.

Blessings of the deep and wild to you all, Saturn

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