Episode 23: Purging in the Household Way

Merry meet and welcome, one and all!

It's been awhile in the arriving, but here it is, episode 23. Whew! To start off with, we have a Big P segment on the change of aging.

Our musical break features two songs from Beloved: Tree Song and Centuries Fade. Visit their site to download your very own free copy of Centuries Fade with their blessings.

The main segment of the day is a magical housekeeping segment made large. I talk about purging 'stuff' from our lives.

Break number two has a promo from Iron Powaqa and we learn that this episode has been brought to us by the Six of Swords and the run Kenaz.

I finish with discussing progressive relaxation as a meditation technique and then take you through the experience if you so desire.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Blessings of the deep and wild to you all,


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