Episode 24: Altered States, Wiccan Rede and reflection, oh my!

Greetings and salutations!

Thank you for downloading, listening and otherwise engaging with me through this podcast. After a quick catch up on the local events that happened, we go straight into the first segment: Altered states of consciousness, particularly how to induce one by simply experiencing your world from a different physical perspective.

In the first break we listen to Heather Dale's Up Into the Pear Tree, a fun and lovely and tricksy song. :)

During the main segment I do my bit for the pagan virtues month by sharing my take on the Wiccan Rede: An it Harm None, Do what ye Will.

Then we learn that this episode is brought to us by the Magician and Raidho. Then a promo from fellow podcaster Kathleen of Borealis Meditation.

The final segment of the night was brought to you by Marc and Angel Hack Life. This is a fabulous reflective list that I strongly recommend checking out!

And we close out with my new favourite song from SJ Tucker: Cheshire Kitten (We're All Mad Here).

I hope you enjoy!

~Saturn. The Abysmal Witch

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