Episode 27: The Scary Topic of Weight

Hi all,

Yes, I have dared to tread where only idiots usually go, the land of weight. I attempt, and I don't know how well, to discuss a variety of issues around weight, society, choices, underlying issues and all kinds of nasty things that go into our collective insanity regarding the amount of flesh on our bodies.

But first, I address a small addition to the Tyson discussion on getting past limitations.

The first break has us listening to We Come from Monkeys by blog post by The Body Sacred.

And then we learn that this episode was brought to us by the King of Pentacles and the rune Nied. You get to hear a promo from Media Astra Ac Terra.

The final segment is a Body Divine on getting in touch, literally!, with our bodies.

There is a postscript. And then the final two songs are by Michelle Mays, the first is Gently Johnny and the second is Earth My Body.

I hope you enjoy. Truly. But I'll take anything that isn't horribly hurt and upset by my treatment of the topic. Hmmm, gunshy much? Why yes, yes I am. Talking about charged topics when you can't act and react in accordance to your audience's reaction(s) is horrific. But I did it anyways. Yay me? You be the judge.


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