Episode 36: Ancestors, Desks and Stars

Merry meet and welcome to the show notes for Episode 36 of Pennies in the Well.

Link worthy notes are:

First song of the night: <a href="http://www.kellianna.com/buy.php">This New Day</a> on Kellianna's "I Walk With the Goddess"

The magical working of the final segment:  <a href="http://darkstarworking.wordpress.com/">Dark Stars</a>.

This episode was brought to us by the Three of Wands and Algir.

Final song of the night:  <a href="http://www.kellyclarkson.com/us/music/stronger">Stronger</a> by Kelly Clarkson.

Blessings of the Deep and Wild to you all,

Saturn, the Abysmal Witch

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