Episode 4: Book of the Law, Chapter 2

And we're back! Just like that, with the reading of Chapter 2 of the book of the law.

After a brief introduction, we slip straight into a break where we play "Tomb of the King" by Damh the Bard (www.paganmusic.co.uk) off his album "The Cauldron Born".

Tyson reads for us again, this time Chapter 2. We have a brief break with a promo from Juniper and Bren of Standing Stone and Garden Gate podcast (www.stonegatepodshow.net) and a tarot/rune pull and it's straight back into discussion with the boys of Invisible House (www.invisiblehouse.org) about Chapter 2.

Just before hearing the final song of the night, which was "The Tongue (Like a Little)" by Max Pashm off of Never Mind the Balkans (www.maxpashm.com), we have a couple of interview outtakes for my, and hopefully your, listening pleasure.

Can you believe there's only one more Chapter left to go?


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  • Gardener21

    It’s actually pronounced “Dave the Bard” — those wacky Druids…

    I’m really enjoying this series on the Book of the Law, by the way.

    Apr 9, 2010 at 11:37 am
  • penniesinthewell

    hmmm, I’d be tempted to add pesky druids :D but when he sings that well…. Thanks! I had the feeling I wasn’t getting that right.

    Glad to hear it! The last night is always an interesting one, thanks for the comment :)

    Apr 9, 2010 at 10:35 pm