Episode 6: Cosmology of Self Pt 2, Beltaine Fun & Sex

Merry meet, one and all!

Yes, we're back to a 'normal' episode, if normal can ever be the right word. We start off with Meredith Luce's Pennies in the Well as the intro, per usual and it's straight into a few more things I've learned recently. Ouches included. I mention during this segment: Nikiah, a glorious woman and shaman, Sarah, and a local festival called the Gathering.

In the first break I hope you enjoy listening to Temple Gates by James Asher off of his album Shaman Drums and we have a promo from Oraia of Media Astra Ac Terra (podkin love!).

Then we head into part 2 of my cosmology of the Self. It's a rambling trip, but we make it through in the end, yay! I make reference in it to the Vicia and Feri tradition's website.

Break number two is very short, and we learn that Episode 6 is brought to us by the tarot card The Tower and the rune stone Eihwaz (yes, I was taught to pronounce it with an 'r', and habits die hard!).

In the final segment I share a couple of fun traditions my community enjoys during its Beltaine and I share my public service announcement on healthy sexual behaviour and communication at times like these.

We close out the show with another song from James Asher, this one Janjara, also off of I guess you could call the feature album of Shaman Drums.

I hope you enjoy. Much love,


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