Mad Hatter Ep. 7 & a 2: Sadness

Can you believe I'm back already? Neither can I. It must be an illusion of the day.

Yes, it's a mad hatter episode, a rather strange one seeing as it's all about sadness. Yes, that's right, sadness. I'm feeling sad and decided it was the perfect time to talk about that subject. WARNING: this show therefore has the potential to induce sadness in the listener. Please don't listen if you don't want to be thinking about such things.

This is a completely unedited episode. One take, beginning to end, nothing changed or cut. Ay karumba!

I mention Sarah, the Witch of Forest Grove and the Society for Creative Anachronism. And sadness. There's a whole lot of talk about sadness. I also attempt to sing at the end a very old song called Three Ravens, here's the wikipedia link to its history (though the lyrics I know are slightly different).

Loving hugs to any and all who need one.


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