Up on iTunes! and technical difficulties?

Merry meet, one and all!

Yes, episode one is up on iTunes if you prefer to do your downloading from there. If you're listening from the site, for some reason this episode came out ridiculously quiet. I have some ideas on how to possibly avoid that in the future, but doubt I can fix it this time 'round.

And if you are listening, thank you! And I truly hope you enjoy (despite the first podcast roughness of it).

Happy dreaming, Saturn


  • Cory

    Hi Saturn,

    Just thought you could use a comment of support! I’m enjoying what I’m hearing, and eager for the next episode. Let me know if you need any help or advice or just a sounding board for complaining about podcasting frustrations :-)

    All the best!

    Mar 10, 2010 at 1:16 pm
  • penniesinthewell

    Hey, Cory, thank you! It’s been a bit like being in a vaccuum, wondering if I should sniff my shirt. :)

    Oooh, advice, I am definitely always open to suggestions. Actually so far it’s been better than expected technically. Thanks be for garageband and podbean. I expected glitchy for the first time through. Like sex, if it goes fantastic the first time be thrilled but don’t count on it as likely. ;)

    I may take you up on the soundboard offer and certainly return the offer to you as well.

    Mar 10, 2010 at 3:33 pm